Community Health in Myanmar

One of the primary focuses of our FAME Short-term teams is to provide health education as a part of all of our medical mission trips. We recently had a team travel to Taunggyi, Myanmar to serve with Taunggyi Bible College where Aaron Ngwa serves as the Bible College president. Two years ago, I met Aaron briefly at TBC when stopping with a FAME medical team to take a tour of the College facilities and have lunch. That day, an invitation was extended to FAME to return someday and do “Health Education” for the students enrolled in the school.

Our first week at TBC, we offered Health Education training for the 64 students enrolled at the College. Our topics included – several CHE (Community Health Evangelism) lessons including Health Beliefs, Defining Good Health, Worldview and Health Development, Understanding the Need for CHE, and Personal Hygiene. We also taught lessons on Clean Water, Diarrhea causes, treatment, and prevention, Hygiene, Control of Flies/Mosquitos, how to make a Trash Pit and the importance of utilizing a Latrine, Nutrition, Malnutrition, and First-aid. These lessons equipped the students to return to their own communities and begin a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families and also teach their neighbors and friends how to prevent many illnesses before they happen!

The second week at TBC, we offered a CHE TOT1 (Training of Trainers 1) seminar for 43 Pastors and Community leaders serving in many areas of Myanmar. This is a full 5-day training that included over 22 lessons. The curriculum focus on the needs of the whole person - At the end of the week, all 43 TOT1 participants received a “Certificate of Completion” and are now equipped to teach these same lessons in their own communities.

Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is a plan for individual and community development through physical and spiritual teaching. CHE is used in some of the poorest places in the world. People do development for themselves.

Local people do it for themselves by:
• Choosing their own people to be in charge
• Choosing their own priorities of what to change
• Choosing their own people to be trained to teach house to house
• Finding their own resources, and
• Accomplishing their own goals when and where they choose.

Local people own and manage their CHE plans. We just train their teachers. CHE is big on ownership.

Both of these trainings were very well received by the students and Pastors. We are so grateful to the Lord for engaging FAME in both of these areas of ministry.