God is Moving in India

   By Emilee Draper, R.N.

Where do I begin sharing what is taking place in India through the work of CICM (Central India Christian Mission) and FAME?  The highlight of my trip was seeing firsthand the work that is going on through CICM and teams that come to partner with them to further the Kingdom.

FAME was able to partner with the work already going on in India by CICM by partnering with the pastors throughout the country.  Our trip started out by providing medical care at a Leper Colony alongside the pastor working with those people.  The FAME team was able to pour their love and compassion out on the people while meeting their medical needs which helps the pastor be even more respected when presenting the Word to them.

Next, we were able to provide medical care to orphans from an orphanage, some of whom were blind and deaf to help assist in the work already going on by those caregivers.  It's crazy encouraging to see how they are teaching them to hide God's Word in their hearts as well as educating them and teaching them a trade or skill set to be independent as they grow up.

When we reached Damoh, where CICM's campus is, FAME team members were able to do some sustainable teaching to the nursing students there as well as pastors that came to learn about first aid.  This was very important because the Christian pastors in the village are not well respected, but if they come with a knowledge of how to medically help people in need, the village people give them higher respect which in turn can make people more receptive to the Gospel Message they are sharing.

May God continue to bless and prosper the ministries of the CICM and FAME in India.

Pastors receiving a copy of the book, Where There is No Doctor