Serving Through Volunteerism

  by volunteer, Janet Klein

As I reflect on the volunteer experiences I have here at FAME, the two words that come to my mind are:  “serve” and “joy”.  It is a privilege to have the opportunity to serve our Lord and help so many who are in need around the world.  We all are given gifts by God that can be used for His purpose & His glory in serving Him in numerous ways.  Volunteers at FAME help to bring help and hope to others with the good news of Christ through medical evangelism.

I consider myself a “behind the scenes” individual because I do not travel to the mission field, but I know I was led to FAME to serve additionally outside my church.  It brings such JOY to see medicines, medical supplies, medical equipment being donated knowing that someone around the world will receive the benefit of these very things we take for granted here.  There are so many opportunities to help at FAME.  To name only a few: sort medicines, sort medical supplies, count them, inventory them, pack them, type documents on the computer, help send out thank you letters to supporting individuals and churches across the country, sealing envelopes, putting postage on them, shredding documents, filing documents etc. In doing these and other additional tasks, joy is experienced knowing this is just the beginning of the tremendous blessings of hope and help received on the other end; somewhere, by someone unknown to me, a volunteer doing “behind the scenes” service.

No matter what ability you have, whether you need to sit or can stand, there is always a way to help serve and further the news of Christ through medical evangelism at FAME by volunteering; if only for a few hours a week, or a month, or every couple of months.  Every hour adds up to the ability of others on the receiving end to be wonderfully blessed as I am also blessed in serving here.

If you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities at FAME, go to our Volunteer page or click here to get more information.