The Importance of Health Education

Lonnie Burley, Director of Short Term Trips,
with Ajai and Indu Lall of CICM

Recently, I had the privilege of traveling with a team of 13 to India to partner with CICM (Central India Christian Mission).  During our visit there, we were asked to facilitate a one-day Health Education Seminar for 100 pastors, CICM co-workers, and senior nursing students.

Pastors in India, as well as CICM staff members, are many times faced with medical emergencies in their communities.  FAME went with the purpose of providing education and training on how to do assessments, CPR, First-Aid (wound care), and provide treatment for dehydration/diarrhea.  When learning how to care for a wound, the class was told to first clean the wound thoroughly with water.  "What if we have no water?" was the question that came from a Pastor sitting behind me.  That question was a huge reminder of how important health education is for Pastors living in developing countries.  They want and need to be prepared to minister to people living in their communities when there is a need.

Your partnership with FAME helps support projects like this, that provide the tools needed to heal both physically and spiritually. Thank you for being a partner with us in medical evangelism.

Pastors receiving a copy of the book, Where There is No Doctor