Raising Support - Ghana

The most important thing in raising your finances for this trip is to understand that this mission is God's and not yours. Dedicate this to prayer. If this is God's will for your life and you do all that you can, God will provide a way. You must be convinced that this is what God wants you to do.

In looking at the amount of money you may need to raise for your trip, it may seem mammoth and insurmountable. Remember that funds can come from a number of sources over a period of several months, which will make it seem much more attainable. You may want to get family, your church, missions committee, neighbors, and interested people in your community involved. The following are fund-raising ideas that others have used to raise their support:

  1. Assistance from your home church. Let your church know what you are doing. Ask for their prayers and financial support. Ask the church to host fund-raising activities for you. Send letters to individual church members asking for their support. Click here for a sample support raising letter.
  2. Assistance from family and friends. Send letters to relatives and friends asking for prayer and support. Enlist family and friends to help you with fund-raising activities. Use your birthday and other gift-giving occasions to ask for support, in lieu of a traditional gift.
  3. Assistance from other churches. If there are other churches in which you have been involved, contact them, let them know your plans, and ask for their support. 
  4. Hold fund-raising activities.  This includes such things as having a car wash, mission luncheon, auction, garage sale, bake sale, craft fair, talent show, doing odd jobs, etc.  Use your imagination.  Go with what works and is permissible in your community and church.

All funds should be submitted to FAME. 

Checks should be made payable to FAME. 

Contributions are NOT refundable once submitted to FAME. If you are unable to go due to illness, money paid to that point (minus administrative fees and non-refundable fees paid) may be applied, for up to one year, towards another trip.  You must supply FAME with a letter from your physician stating you cannot participate in the trip due to health reasons.