What We Do

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FAME impacts thousands of adults and children globally through better medical access and care. These life-changing improvements come through FAME’s broad programming across three core targets: Sustainable Medical Projects, Shipping Medicines and Medical Supplies, and Mobilization of Short-term Trips. Through partnerships with Christian missions and indigenous churches throughout the world, FAME seeks to aid under reached and under-served populations utilizing medical evangelism. Healthy families produce better relationships and promote healthier global communities. FAME helps facilitate these ends through our paid staff, hundreds of volunteers, and strategic partnerships and networks around the world who serve these communities modeling the love of Christ through medical outreach.

People who invest in the ministry of FAME see the broad global impact that integrates physical and spiritual healing. Medical evangelism is able to share beyond meeting immediate physical needs in order to meet eternal spiritual needs, benefiting those they serve not in this life alone but also in the life to come.

Since 1970, when FAME had no income, no staff, no donors, no projects, and operated out of a borrowed office in Columbus, Indiana, God has blessed the ministry to reach every corner of the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The organization continues to grow and expand as we meet the growing health care needs around the world and spread the Gospel message to all people.

It is a new day at FAME! In innovative ways, FAME is focused on the global mission field to establish long-term sustainable results.

Together with our partners in medical evangelism, FAME looks forward as we preach the kingdom of God and heal the sick until Jesus’ return!

FAME's Three Targets:

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